Monday, 25 November 2013

Liverpool Scene (Adrian Henri's band)

Adrian Henri was one of the Liverpool pop poets although Adrian started out with jazz accompaniments,Liverpool Scene with Andy Roberts and they played the Lanch in 1969. The Liverpool poets were often at the Lanch in the early 70's and Adrian henri also played there with a later band - Sticky George.
he formed the

The Liverpool Poets are a number of influential 1960s poets from Liverpool, England, influenced by 1950s Beat poetry. They were involved in the 1960s Liverpool scene that gave rise to The Beatles.

Their work is characterised by its directness of expression, simplicity of language, suitability for live performance and concern for contemporary subjects and references. There is often humour, but the full range of human experience and emotion is addressed.
“ The kids didn't see this poetry with a capital p, they understood it as modern entertainment, as part of the pop-movement. (Roger McGough

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