Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Selecter

Another Coventry band who played the Lanch c 1979 and i think later was Two Tone band The Selecter. I was at the first concert just before the first single broke I think. I'd seen Pauline Black in a Coventry folk club known then as Pauline Vickers, and saw Neol Davies talking to her. I thought she was going to do a solo spot before neol's new band went on stage and got a surprise when Pauline turned out to be their lead singer. Good night and about the time people started dancing at the Lanch rather than sitting cross legged throughout performances. The guest sax player on Three Minute Hero was Joe Reynolds who used to play in a number of Coventry bands including the Jazz rock band Willow c 1973 / 4.

Joe Reynolds band card for Willow

Neol Davies had played at the Lanch before with one of his earlier rock bands Mead c 1970.

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