Monday, 25 November 2013

Wandering John (Coventry band)

Wandering John were a legendary Coventry rock blues band c 1970. They did their last gig (until their sell
out 40th reunion gig in 2010). The gig was recorded by Pete Waterman and the tapes finally emerged recently but the bass amp blew during the gig which rendered the sound unbalanced but the Reunion gig was recorded for DVD by Nomad - the band were well on form as if no time had elapsed. here a track fromt eh gig - Taj Mahal cover - Statesbro Blues. John Gravenor Vocals / John Alderson lead guitar / Ade Taylor bass / paul hayes drums. Neol Davies of Selecter joined them on stage at one point but not in this video. Neol davies played there in 1970 with his early band MEAD and in 1979 with The Selecter. No footage of Mead though!


john gravenor said...

i remember playing the lanch a couple of times it wasa shame about the recording i think dave was going to put it out as an album music to throw bombs by

Priory Street Blues said...

Thanks John, Didn't realise Wandering John played the Lanch more than once. Cool.